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Top Five Reasons Why School Janitorial Cleaning Services Are So Important

Running a school without proper cleaning systems? 

Schools must ensure that students and their employees access a safe environment. By safe, we don’t only mean protection from physical violence but even from health risks. 

Hence, schools should see that their facilities are free from dirt, grime, and other obstacles that may cause illnesses.

Keep reading to learn how a school janitorial cleaning company can help schools maintain a safe learning environment!

1. School Janitorial Cleaning Services Are Essential for Student and Staff Safety

On average, preschoolers have nine colds a year, whereas kindergartens get 12 colds a year. Meanwhile, elementary children get six to eight. High school students get three to four, whereas adults get two to four a year.

Note that this is only applicable under normal circumstances where no virus spreads. In light of the pandemic, students and employees will likely catch illness twice as much.

While seasons play a huge role in the spread of the virus, indoor movement is equally vital. Now that students are back to school, the risk of contracting a cold is high. This is because students spend most of their time indoors, with poor airflow.

As such, schools are better off hiring a commercial cleaning services provider. With their help, schools can clean and disinfect surfaces where viruses can spread. 

Not to mention help maintain good indoor air quality by eliminating air pollutants. This includes garbage, dust, and pollens floating in the air. Aside from removing viruses, a janitorial company will maintain an obstruction-free environment. 

Fast Spread and Accumulation of Unseen Enemies

Did you know that even after a thorough cleaning, dust will only take two hours to settle and accumulate? Dust mites can take 20 minutes to two hours before they settle back in again.

Meanwhile, cold and similar viruses stay infectious for several hours to days. Generally, viruses remain active longer on surfaces made of stainless steel and plastic. Insect feces, pollens, and other allergens stay longer on softer surfaces like fabric.

Hence, to fight these minuscule health threats, there’s a need for routine cleaning. This is where professional commercial cleaning services in New Jersey come in. They will clean surfaces to minimize allergen accumulation and the spread of viruses.

2. Prolong Lifespan of Your School Facilities

Industrial cleaning services are crucial to prolonging the lifespan of your facilities. For example, porcelain and vinyl tiles and hardwood floors are susceptible to scratches. With students running around, marks and deep scratches are very common.

Not unless you hire a commercial school janitorial cleaning provider. They can help prevent scratches by using protective sealers on your floor.

Moreover, your facilities ate a lot of investment, so you want to improve their durability. By keeping it well-maintained, you’re lessening the chances of the need for repairs. This, in turn, saves you money in the long run.

Further, routine care is vital in monitoring aging facilities. For example, your janitorial company will tell you if your toilet is too old to be functional. This enables you to take immediate action before it causes more significant problems.

3. Partnering with a Janitorial Company Can Help Reassure Parents

One of the parents’ biggest dilemmas in sending their children to school is their safety. This is especially true as we are yet to see the end of the pandemic.

Hence, it would assure them if they saw that the school administration was taking precautions to ensure their child’s learning environment was clean and disinfected. 

Not to mention, clean schools equate to successful schools. Students and their parents are highly attracted to enrolling in a school with a clean and inviting atmosphere.

4. Improve Productivity

Learners and teaching staff need to be in an environment conducive to learning that is free of all possible distractions such as dirt and debris.

It’s hard enough to maintain a learner’s attentiveness under normal conditions. Imagine how difficult it will be when there’s dust flying around, soliciting sneezes from the class. When you acquire cleaning services, you can eliminate distractions that hinder a smooth teaching process.

Also, a clean school means fewer sick students hence, fewer absences. This results in increased student participation and engagement and improved academic performance. This is also true for all the teachers and non-teaching personnel.

When teachers get sick, they’d have to request a replacement so they can rest. This change in the instructor disrupts the learning process as students have to adjust to their new teacher. However, these aftermaths can be easily avoided when the school facilities are clean. 

5. Commercial Cleaning Services Helps Save You Time

Commercial cleaners have the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

If you don’t have any experience, you’re gambling your money on subpar cleaning supplies. So, cleaning is best left to the professionals. You can rely on them to bring and use some of the best high-quality cleaning supplies.

As part of the back-to-school program, the government and the state provided some regulations that schools should follow to ensure student safety. One of the particular concerns is the mandatory routine cleaning and disinfecting.

Alone, the school will have to exert extra time and effort to comply with these protocols. However, when you partner with a professional janitorial company, you’ll have less burden on your shoulder.

Apart from routine cleaning, they can implement disinfection procedures in your stead. They’ll also be in charge of purchasing cleaning and disinfecting supplies. This allows you to focus on more important matters, such as curriculum implementation.

They’re experts in the field; they’ll only buy and use kid-friendly cleaning solutions. Hence, you can rest assured that they’ll know how to do their job efficiently.

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They should also be able to provide you with an eco-friendly cleaning solution. Finally, it must be flexible enough to customize its services to meet your campus needs.

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