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Keep a Clean and Healthy Environment With Our Enhanced Disinfection Services

More than 4.5 million cases of COVID-19 were reported at the end of April 2022 alone. These numbers continue to cause fear in employees and affect daily business operations.

Did you know that disinfection services can give your employees peace of mind and keep your workplace healthy? In this article, we discuss the process of commercial disinfection as well as the benefits of COVID cleaning. Read on to learn more.

How Our Disinfection Services Work

Keeping a healthy work environment requires skill, experience, and attention to detail. It also requires the right tools and techniques, which is what we offer our clients.

Following CDC Protocols

Proper cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces reduce the risk of infection from COVID-19. The right protocols are even more important in certain areas. These areas include those with a large number of people, poor ventilation, and limited access to hand sanitizing. Our team follows these recommendations and more.

Safety Equipment

Our cleaning crews are outfitted with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) because safety is our top priority. The right gear protects our crew and your crew. It also further ensures the quality of our work.

The Right Products

The best cleaning techniques and equipment aren’t effective if you don’t use the right products. Our company relies on CDC-approved and EPA-registered List-N disinfectants.  These products are industrial strength and allow us to offer the highest level of disinfection, especially for COVID cleaning. 

The Right Techniques

Improper cleaning techniques can spread germs instead of removing them. Our team is trained to use the best cleaning techniques to avoid germ spread such as one-way wiping and color-coded cleaning. 

Attention to Detail

As any professional janitorial cleaning company knows, attention to detail is key to proper disinfecting. No detail is too small for our trained cleaning technicians. This is especially important for high-traffic areas.

The Cleaning Process

The proper tools and techniques allow our cleaning crews to provide the best commercial disinfection. Our specially designed cleaning process contributes to peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

Start With High-Touch Areas

COVID cleaning is most important in high-touch areas. These areas have the highest risk of transmitting diseases and viruses. They are our priorities for cleaning.

High-touch and high-traffic areas include employee break rooms, meeting spaces, hallways, and other areas with shared space. We cover all surfaces with our commercial cleaning products to remove lingering germs.

Attention to Workstations

Individual workstations and desks are areas that get neglected during cleaning. An inexperienced janitorial cleaning company may wipe around objects instead of clearing the space altogether.

This approach is ineffective for disinfection because it allows germs to hide. They still pose a risk to anyone working in the area. 

Careful Cleaning of Electronics

COVID cleaning is difficult with electronics if you don’t know the proper protocol. Our team knows how to keep your electronics in the best shape possible while also thoroughly disinfecting them. We take care of cleaning computers, keyboards, computer mice, telephones, headsets, and more. These communal resources are at high-risk for the transmission of germs and diseases.

Who Benefits from Commercial Disinfection Services?

Now that you understand our team’s approach to commercial cleaning and disinfection services, you may be wondering who benefits from them. Below is a list of some common businesses that utilize our services.

This isn’t a complete list of businesses that benefit from commercial cleaning. Any company or small business can benefit from these services, especially those with multiple employees. 

Benefits of Commercial Disinfection

Working with a janitorial cleaning company offers more benefits than just disinfection. Offering our clients peace of mind is one of our priorities, but we also want to provide the best experience possible.

Eradicate Pathogens

The right products and techniques keep your office safe by destroying viruses and bacteria. They stop the spread of these pathogens and create a more hygienic workplace.

Reduce Odors

While health and safety are the priority, disinfection services also help reduce office odors. Communal bathrooms and cooking areas can produce strong smells, but commercial cleaning and disinfection refresh the workspace.

Offer Peace of Mind

Keeping up with CDC recommendations for cleaning can be stressful. It can also be a strain on company time. However, without COVID cleaning and disinfection, you risk illness and stressed-out staff.

A janitorial cleaning company gives everyone peace of mind. This reduces stress and improves morale. 

Finding the Right Janitorial Cleaning Company

Finding the right janitorial cleaning company is essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. The right professionals help minimize transmission and keep your office healthy. 

Customized Service

As a professional commercial disinfection company, we understand that not all businesses have the same needs. Our specialized services are customized for each of our clients to meet these needs.

Trustworthy and Reliable

We want our clients to know they can trust and rely on us. We’ve taken the time to prepare for their needs and deliver the results they expect to build this trust and keep them and their staff healthy. 

Timely Cleaning

COVID cleaning requires special care and attention to detail, but that doesn’t mean commercial cleaning services can’t be timely. We understand you have a business to run, so our cleaning procedures are minimally disruptive.

Supply Cleaning Products

The best cleaning, especially COVID cleaning, occurs throughout the day. Since it may not be feasible to have a janitorial cleaning company come to your office every few hours, you’ll need resources of your own.

To maintain a safe and healthy work environment, we can help with supplying cleaning equipment and supplies. These commercial-grade products are more effective than others and the best option for your office.

Start Enjoying the Benefits of Disinfection Services

At ProCleanings, our goal isn’t just to clean your office space. We want to keep you, your staff, and your clients healthy. Plus, we have the resources to do it right.

Get your peace of mind by requesting a quote on disinfection services today.