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Janitorial Cleaning

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services.

Office cleaning by Procleanings

Everyone who works and visits your business appreciates the dedicated and friendly service they count on you for. They count on you to deliver the exceptional service and products that they’ve come to know and trust. But who’s keeping your facility clean so you can keep things running smoothly? At ProCleanings, we transform how you think of janitorial services by taking a top-to-bottom and back approach to how we clean.

We help you provide the unparalleled service your customers and employees count on you for by ensuring every inch of your building is spotless, sanitized, and shining from the floor to the windows. We don’t miss an inch with our professional and comprehensive janitorial cleaning solutions.

Office cleaning by Procleanings

A more effective way to keep your customers healthy and happy.

The more detail and attention you put into the cleanliness of your facility, the more your customers notice. The last thing you want is to have the appearance of your building be the deterring factor for a potential customer. This is where the janitorial cleaning professionals at ProCleanings come in. We have cutting-edge and customized cleaning solutions to keep your business running smoothly and looking spotless. Our cleaning specialists utilize the most advanced cleaning techniques and equipment to ensure that every employee feels that you’re putting their health and happiness first.

From dusting and window washing to kitchen and restroom cleaning and restocking, our janitorial cleaning professionals go above and beyond to deliver the high standard of quality and excellence you trust when you hire ProCleanings for your janitorial needs.

Well-cleaned office washroom

Service Key Features

Well-cleaned office washroom

Our comprehensive and customized janitorial cleaning services are designed to keep your building spotless while ensuring every customer is happy from the moment they come inside. We bring our unwavering attention to detail and dedication to every job so that you can have peace of mind knowing your business is in good hands.

At Pro Cleanings, we’re not satisfied with the work until you’re 100% in love with the results of what we do. We’re committed to delivering superior cleaning solutions and services at a cost you can afford so you can stay focused on growing your business and taking care of your customers.

Our janitorial cleaning services include:

  • Hard-surface floor cleaning and maintenance.
  • Daily carpet care.
  • Reception area/lobby cleaning.
  • Dusting and window washing.
  • Office system cleaning.
  • Waste removal.
  • Sanitation programs.
  • Kitchen / restroom cleaning / restocking.
  • Daytime cleaning.
  • And more!

We understand that every business has far different janitorial needs around their facility. This is why we work closely with you to create a customized cleaning plan to provide the comprehensive cleaning services you need without paying for the ones you don’t.

At ProCleanings, we’ve designed our janitorial cleaning services to be flexible around the schedule you need them. We offer cleaning package options for daily, weekly, and monthly janitorial services so that you can ensure your building is cleaned as much or as little as you need.

What you can count on is that no matter how often you trust your janitorial needs to the cleaning pros at ProCleanings, is that it will be done to the highest standard of quality using the most advanced equipment and materials.

Expectations & Efficiencies

Janitorial Cleaning equipment

At ProCleanings, we don’t just keep your facility spotless. We help elevate the customer experience of everyone that steps inside your building. Whether it’s new or old customers or your employees, everyone will be left feeling safe and healthy. That’s because we ensure every inch of your building is given the attention and care it deserves.

When you trust your janitorial services to the specialists at ProCleanings, you’ll discover:

  • Specialized service customized to your needs.
  • 100% environmentally friendly chemicals.
  • Trustworthy, reliable and timely services.
  • Ask us about supplying cleaning equipment and supplies.

Call the cleaning professionals at ProCleanings today to revolutionize the way you handle your janitorial cleaning services!

We’re here to help your business shine for every employee and customer!

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