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The Hidden Costs of Not Hiring Commercial Office Cleaning Services for Your Business

How many times have you walked into your office and thought that you need to get it cleaned? Is there clutter everywhere, papers not in their right files, dirty coffee mugs in the sink?

If this sounds like your organization, then it is time that you make a change. Although it may all seem like a nuisance now, it is actually much more than that.

There are so many hidden costs of not hiring office cleaning services. Don’t believe us? Keep reading this article to learn more about how neglecting to have a clean environment can negatively impact the entire organization in many different ways.

Negative Work Environment

Although you may not realize that forgetting or neglecting to hire office cleaning services can actually do more than just create an “unclean” space, you should think again.

When a space is dirty, it can drastically decrease the positive overall well-being of employees. This means that not only do they have a higher chance of getting sick and feeling bad, but they also may become unhappy in the workplace.

Feeling sick and being unhappy can both impact the work environment causing it to be more negative. When this happens, things can quickly go downhill.

For instance, workers may start calling off more often because they don’t want to be in the space, they may be more negative with things they say, and they can even impact the mental health of all employees.

Decrease in Employee Productivity 

Having a dirty and cluttered workplace can negatively impact employee productivity. When a space is cluttered, studies show that it can actually lead to procrastination. 

Employees may become more distracted by what is around them, their brains may wander more, and they won’t focus as much on work.

When a space is cluttered, employees are more likely to miss deadlines, feel more pressure and less motivation, and may even begin to not come to work because of it.

A messy workplace can lead to a higher employee turnover and lower retention rates. As an employer, you definitely don’t want that, so it’s important to hire cleaning services to clean the space and declutter before it gets out of hand.

Health Risks

Not only is it going to negatively impact the productivity and happiness of workers in the workplace, but a dirty space also poses health risks. 

All sorts of bacteria and germs thrive in unclean places. This can lead to higher rates of illness among staff. When this happens, there will be more absenteeism as well as employees calling in sick.

Not only do you risk sick employees, but you also have the risk of employees injuring themselves as well! If the workplace is cluttered and messy, employees may trip or fall over something. Not only can this lead to a hurt employee, but it can also lead to lost work time and productivity (which also means loss of money) as well as potential lawsuits from employees.

To avoid these headaches, having a clean environment is a must.

Equipment Damage

There is typically a lot of equipment in an office space. Printers, copiers, fax machines, and coffee machines are just a few of the many you may have.

When the office space isn’t clean, dirt, dust, and grime can easily build up on all of these machines and types of equipment. This may lead to a malfunction or breakdown.

These can be quite costly and expensive as well as get in the way of work productivity if it happens. Keeping everything clean in the office is a must.

Reputation Damage

As a business, you want to have a good reputation. You want people to hear your business name or see your business and think about how great you are.

The last thing you want is for them to think that you have a dirty business or a cluttered, unorganized mess of a business. This can damage your reputation as a business owner. 

When that happens, there will be fewer opportunities for your business. You may even lose customers and revenue that you otherwise would have. 

To avoid this from happening, ensure that your office space stays clean and decluttered at all times.

Loss of Time and Money

When you neglect to clean an office space, you are going to lose time and money. Or, even if you do clean your office space but try to do it yourself, you are still losing time and money.

Instead of getting vital work tasks done, you are cleaning the office. This is an easy task that can be outsourced to someone else to do it for you so that you can focus on the other important business tasks.

This is where hiring cleaning services to do it for you simply makes sense! Although it is an upfront cost, it will save you money in the long run!

Commercial Cleaning Services Are a Must

Now that you know the impact that a dirty and cluttered workspace can have on employees, you know that cleaning is a must.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself. You can hire office cleaning services to do it for you!

Here at Pro Cleanings, we offer various services to fit your needs for your office space. If you are ready to ensure that your office employees are safe, productive, and happy, then you should contact us today! You can request a quote here for our commercial cleaning service in New York.