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How to Choose the Right Industrial Cleaning Company for Your Business

Did you know that hiring a professional industrial cleaning company can actually help boost your business? A clean, germ-free environment helps improve employee productivity, reduces sick days that are needed, and demonstrates to your customers and clients that your business is clean and tidy. 

If you’re considering professional industrial cleaning services, use our tips below to help find the best company for your particular office needs.

1. Do Your Research 

As with any service you seek, doing your research ahead of time is extremely important. Ask other business owners for references, read online reviews, and peruse the websites of the companies you are considering. 

Don’t choose the first company that comes up in your search. Instead, choose a few to research further. Make sure they have the proper certifications depending on what your local government requires and be sure they specialize in industrial cleaning, particularly in your type of business. 

2. Get Several Quotes and Compare What They Offer 

Once you have a shortlist of potential cleaning companies, ask them to give you a quote. Most will want to visit your location to see the size, the number of bathrooms, type of flooring, etc. to accurately gauge how long it will take them to clean. 

Once you get a quote from each company, compare them to see what they offer. Some may provide industrial carpet cleaning while others do not. Some may clean things like windows while others do not. Consider what they do and do not offer when comparing quotes. 

3. Ask for Proof of Insurance 

Every company you consider should be insured. You will want to make sure they have liability insurance, so if something happens to one of their employees while they are on your property, you are not responsible. 

You will also want to ask about their training process and the background checks they do on employees. Make sure that all of their employees are bonded and that proper background checks are done before they are allowed into your space. Don’t just ask them if they are insured; ask for proof of their coverage.

4. Ask About Quality Control 

When you have a company cleaning your space, you want it to be cleaned consistently, every time they come. Ask about their cleaning protocols and quality control measures to make sure that those protocols are followed. The company should be proactive in making sure that their cleaning services are consistent rather than waiting for you to notice and complain. 

5. Consider Flexibility and Reliability 

While you will most likely set up a regular schedule for your cleaning services, it is worth asking your company about their flexibility and ability to provide emergency cleaning services if necessary. If there is an emergency, such as a water leak, flood, or other situation that is outside of your regular cleaning needs, does the company provide cleaning services for that? 

Choose an Experienced Industrial Cleaning Company 

You want your employees and customers to enjoy a clean and germ-free space. Hiring an experienced and effective industrial cleaning company is necessary to do this. Use these tips to hire a company that will keep your workplace looking its best. 

If you’re ready to start gathering quotes, contact us today for a free estimate for your cleaning needs.