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How Business Cleaning Services Actually Boost Your Business

The average American office worker will spend about 90,000 hours at work throughout their lifetime. In the big scheme of things, that’s almost a third of your life. If you’re a business owner, this is an important concept to keep in mind when it comes to the cleanliness of your office space. 

Not only are you exposed to various types of pathogens in an office (for hours on end, too) but so are your employees. This is where professional commercial cleaning services can create a clean and safe environment for everyone to thrive.

This blog outlines how a commercial cleaning service benefits your business — probably more so than you thought!

1. Bolster Your Business Productivity 

It’s no secret that a clean and organized space makes for a clear and far more focused headspace. Clutter and dirt can be distracting for both you and your employees. So, having your office professionally cleaned can create a distraction-free environment for all. 

Don’t make the mistake of spending all your time on increasing your bottom line or employee training. Yes, these business tasks are crucial. But the result is often neglect of a healthy work environment. 

Having your workspace deep-cleaned on a regular basis helps to purify the air you and your employees breathe day in and day out. According to the EPA, indoor air quality both at home but especially in an office environment poses a major health risk to Americans every day. 

Poor quality air can impact the productivity of your office because it can cause drowsiness and a lack of concentration. With professional cleaning, you can eliminate pathogens, odors, and germs that circulate through the air and keep your employees healthy.

2. Reduce Instances of Employee Sick Leave

Once a virus enters your workplace, it’s difficult to stamp it out. It tends to travel from one employee to the next as pathogens spread through your HVAC system. And let’s not forget employee-to-employee contact. 

This is another factor that can slow down productivity due to an increased number of sick days. But as a business owner, you have to ask yourself how and why a virus can spread so quickly throughout your workplace? Yes, it’s difficult to control because so many of your employees are in close contact. But if your office is clean and hygienic, the spread of bacteria and viruses slows significantly. 

Professional commercial cleaning is thorough and critical to help you ward off the spread of germs. A cleaning company will deep clean your most vulnerable areas such as the bathrooms, breakrooms, kitchen, and training rooms. They also offer advice on best hygiene practices to ward off the spread of germs. 

3. Create a Clean and Professional Office Appearance 

Never underestimate how important the look and feel of your office is. Whether your clients visit your office or not, the appearance of your workplace is also super important for your employee mindset. 

A clean, dust-free, neat, and tidy office space instills a sense of pride in all those who work there. It’s all about the image you project to your customers and your employees — one that says that you care about their perception of your business. 

In short, a disheveled business appearance translates to a disheveled, sub-par type of service. This is the last thing you want to say to your employees or customers about what your business offers! 

4. Boost the Morale of All Office Workers 

Following along from the above sentiment, a clean, organized, and pristine office space also helps to boost the morale of your team. This, in turn, translates to improved mood, overall workplace happiness, and productivity. 

Not only this, but an office space that is enjoyable to work in will inspire your employees to act, dress, and respond to your business in the same manner. Happy employees benefit your business more than anything else. This is because they are more motivated, attract more customers through great customer service, and complete their work with pride. 

A boost in employee morale can even help to boost your business brand. When an employee is happy at work, they are more inclined to post about it on social media — which is, essentially, great business PR. 

5. Score Your Business Long-Term Cost Savings

By hiring sub-par commercial cleaning companies, you are doing your business a disservice and will only lose money in the long run. The same goes for tackling your business cleaning yourself, or using your employees to do the job of a cleaning professional. 

Chances are, the cleaning is just not up-to-scratch. You will then have to hire another cleaning professional or take time out of your day to try and do a rush job. Ultimately, this costs you more time and more money. 

When you hire a competent, well-established, and reputable cleaning service you only have to do so a few times a year. It’s worth the cost because the cleaning is high-quality and it lasts. 

6. Reduce Your Business Liability Risks

This also follows on from the above point. When you enlist employees to do your office cleaning, you are actually putting your business at liability risk. 

Employee overextension when reaching or bending, or slipping or falling when climbing ladders are all realities that you could face when you forgo the services of a cleaning professional. 

Don’t put your employees or your business at risk — do your due diligence and hire the right commercial cleaning service to get the job done for you.  

7. Give Your Business the Attention It Deserves 

Professional office cleaning may not be your forte, and that’s okay. That’s why there are commercial professionals out there to do it for you. As a business owner, you might feel inclined to tackle every aspect of your business yourself — even the cleaning. But it’s really not necessary and in reality, a waste of your precious business hours. 

When you hire out your office cleaning to established business cleaning services, you will have more time on your hands to concentrate on the aspects of your business that need your undivided attention. 

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services at Your Fingertips 

Pro Cleanings is your go-to for professional commercial cleaning services if you’re looking to lighten your load as a business owner while prioritizing the health of your employees. 

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