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Why Your Office Needs Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Why Your Office Needs Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

As a business owner or manager in 2020, you have to do everything you can to stop the spread of COVID-19 in your office and get your employees back to work. There’s never been a more important time to keep your office clean. As your employees head back to the office and your business opens to the public, safety and cleanliness is a key factor. The easiest way to ensure your business is clean is to turn to the pros. Keep reading to learn more about why your business needs professional commercial carpet cleaning services. 

Employee Health and Safety

Office carpets harbor a number of germs, allergens, and pollutants. When you think about how many people walk on them each day, you can imagine what lurks in the carpet fibers. Carpets are traps for dust, debris, dirt, disease-carrying organisms, and allergens from dust mites, fungi, cats, and dogs. When your office isn’t clean, your employees are going to get sick. When employees are sick, they miss work. When they miss work, your business suffers and you lose money. 

Whether employees take sick time or come to work sick, it affects your bottom line. Modern employees are hesitant to take time off when they’re sick. But coming to work sick only makes the problem worse. In fact, employees coming into work while sick costs employers between $150 billion and $250 billion each year. For most employers, their employees spend a considerable amount of time in the office. When offices are unsanitary, they become easy places for employees to become sick and spread the infection rapidly.

When your carpets become clogged with harmful substances like dirt, dust, and debris, the airflow in your office becomes disrupted. When clean air isn’t flowing easily around the area, your employees will notice. Clean, breathable air makes a huge difference and can improve employee morale. Ensuring the air is dust-free will enhance the feel of your office. Dusty air can cause an unpleasant smell and feel and can make spaces seem small and dated.

Environmental Friendliness

Professional cleaning companies use products that are safe for your employees and the environment. Don’t make the mistake of cleaning your office with harmful chemicals

Improved Productivity

As we mentioned above, employees are likely to come to work when they are suffering from respiratory symptoms. When employees are sick or suffering from allergies, they aren’t going to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. This concept is called presenteeism. Your employees aren’t absent from work physically, but mentally they aren’t fully there. This has a significant impact on productivity in the workplace for both sick and healthy employees. When employees are visibly sick, they bring down the morale of their coworkers. No one wants to be coughed or sneezed on.

More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies. Even if employees are suffering from allergies rather than illness, they won’t be at their best, costing the company money. On the flip side, when your employees look forward to coming to work and feel comfortable in their workspace, they are going to be more productive. Productive employees improve your bottom line. 

More Efficient Cleaning

When you hire business carpet cleaning services to keep your office clean, you can expect them to do a better job than your own employees are capable of. This is because commercial carpet cleaning companies have access to professional-grade cleaning appliances and products. You can save time and money by hiring a professional to clean your office carpets. Cleaning professionals are experts in their field and know how to create tailored cleaning regimens for your specific office space. Professionals use the latest products and cleaning technology to keep your office clean. This is especially important in a time where best cleaning practices are constantly changing as more information is learned about COVID-19.

When most people clean their carpets, they focus on removing dirt. Commercial carpet cleaning companies go beyond the dirt and clear your carpets of germs and other toxins. Professional cleaning companies can also clean your office with minimal to no disruptions to your employees or business. This is accomplished by using speed-efficient cleaning and drying products. Reduce downtime and clean large areas quickly by hiring a professional cleaning service

Save Money by Getting the Most Out of Your Carpets

Ultimately, hiring a professional cleaning company to properly maintain your carpets will save you money. This is because professional cleaning services are an investment in your carpet. When your carpets are properly cared for, their lifespans are extended. This means they will last longer and you won’t have to replace them as often. When dirt and debris get caught in your carpets and aren’t properly cleaned out, the structure and fibers of the carpet become compromised. They are more likely to break and tear, shortening the life of the carpet and ruining their aesthetic. Repairing and replacing carpets and flooring can be expensive. Hiring a professional cleaner is a minimal cost compared to the cost of replacing them. 

Impress Your Guests

While keeping your office looking its best for your employees is important, having sparkling clean carpets can also have a positive impact on your guests. Research suggests that you and your business have a mere 7 seconds to make a first impression. If your office welcomes visitors such as clients, customers, or even vendors, their opinion of your business will be influenced by the cleanliness of your office. Who knew something as simple as having your carpets professionally cleaned could make a huge difference for your business? 

Hiring Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

If you’re a business owner with office space, you need professional commercial carpet cleaning services. Running a business is no simple feat. Don’t waste time and money trying to clean your own carpets. Save the cleaning for the pros and focus on what you do best. Let us keep your space sparkling clean. Click here to contact us today and learn more about our carpet cleaning services