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What Services Does a Janitorial Cleaning Company Offer?

What if your business could be cleaner and safer than ever before?

The best way to keep a clean and sanitized business is to hire a janitorial cleaning company. However, some managers and CEOs hesitate to hire such a company because they don’t understand the benefits the company has to offer.

Are you on the fence about using a janitorial cleaning service? Keep reading to discover the different services that are available and how they can help you, your employees, and your business!

Carpet Care

Why do you think most businesses eventually hire a janitorial cleaning company? Very often, it is to provide the care and maintenance that the office carpet requires.

The carpet undergoes a lot of wear and tear most days of the week. This can leave it looking dirty and ragged, and this will make your business look bad in front of any customers and other visitors. And working inside a dirty office can cut into employee productivity, so that nasty carpet may actually be impacting your bottom line.

In addition to bad aesthetic appeal, a dirty carpet captures dirt and dust that may cause many health issues in your employees. But if you hire a janitorial cleaning service that offers daily carpet care, you won’t have to worry about employees getting sick and calling out.

Reception Area and Lobby Cleaning

For businesses, the old adage that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is very true. And the first glimpse that customers or visitors are likely to get of your business is in your reception and lobby areas.

Unfortunately, these are areas that employees typically neglect. To the average worker, these are simply areas they walk through to get to their own office or cubicle. As a result, the reception and lobby areas can look like a warzone over time.

Fortunately, a good janitorial cleaning company can make these areas absolutely sparkle. And that means customers and visitors will feel confident in your business as soon as they walk through the door.

Waste Removal

Arguably, the most basic function of any janitorial service is removing waste, such as taking out the trash. But if you haven’t hired such a service, you’ll quickly discover how many employees do a poor job of removing their own waste. And this can lead to worse issues over time.

For example, let’s say that an employee gets takeout for lunch and throws it in the trash can at their cubicle. If neither they nor anyone else takes the garbage out, it can lead to roaches and other pests. Eventually, you may even have to deal with larger threats such as mice or rats.

However, a professional janitorial company makes sure that all waste is removed at the end of the day. So you no longer have to worry about one or two messy employees making things unsanitary and dangerous for the rest of the office.

Dusting and Window Washing

Remember when we touched on the threat the dust and dirt hidden in the office carpet poses? It can lead to respiratory issues, employees calling out sick, and a serious impact on your workplace productivity.

Of course, dust and dirt aren’t limited to your carpet. They can also get in and around your windows, gathering on curtains and drapes. Quite frankly, your employees may be at risk every time they take a breath!

To top things off, it’s difficult for the average employee to properly clean around the windows. But professional janitorial cleaning companies will dust and even wash the windows. Trust us: you won’t believe how much of a difference a professional window cleaning can make.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

We have focused quite a bit on the potential health hazards of a dirty carpet. But it’s also worth focusing on the hard surfaces inside your office and the potential health hazards they pose.

Think of it this way: every hard surface in your office, from the floors to the desks and countertops, will eventually come into contact with someone who is sick. That person might have COVID-19, the flu, or something else altogether. And once they touch a surface, anyone who later touches that surface could be at risk of infection.

This is why the best janitorial cleaning companies clean the hard surfaces and also make sanitizing those surfaces part of their regular maintenance routine. After that, neither you nor your employees will have to worry about getting sick whenever you come into contact with a hard surface at work.

Kitchen Cleaning

Previously, we mentioned the potential health hazards of an employee who fails to take out their trash at the end of the day. As you might imagine, that threat is seriously magnified when it comes to the shared kitchen at your office.

Every time an employee opens a soda, heats up a meal, or just eats from a bag of chips in the office, there is a chance they are leaving a mess behind. In fact, even if they try to clean up, there will be particles of food and other waste they cannot easily see.

These food particles could potentially make employees sick, especially because everyone in the office is sharing refrigerators and microwaves. But when you have a janitorial cleaning company cleaning and sanitizing the area, you don’t have to worry about employees getting sick simply because they went to grab some lunch!

Finding the Best Janitorial Cleaning Company

Now you know what services to expect from a janitorial cleaning company. But do you know where to find the best company for your office and your needs?

Here at Pro Cleanings, we provide all of the services above as well as awesome extra services like cleaning office systems and both cleaning and restocking bathrooms. To see what we can do for your own business, just contact us today!