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What Can a Commercial Cleaning Service Do for My Company in NJ?

New Jersey sure is a business-minded state! There are only three states smaller than New Jersey, yet only 10 states have more small businesses! There are currently 861,000 such businesses and counting.

Whether your New Jersey business is big or small, we’re guessing you didn’t start it to pursue your dream of managing a cleaning crew. Commercial cleaning services allow business owners to focus on what they do best – running their businesses. Besides this, there are many other ways that a professional commercial cleaning service can benefit your business.

Before you start googling “industrial cleaning services near me”, let’s explore why it’s time to start working with a janitorial company.

Reliable Service

If you’ve ever tried to hire and manage a small team of janitors for a business, you know there are many challenges involved. You have to handle recruitment, training, payroll, and taxes. You have to find cover for vacations and sickness.

When you hire commercial cleaning services, they handle everything for you. They’ll work with you to create a schedule and job list. Then it’s their responsibility to provide the crew.

They’ll make sure that your business gets cleaned 365 days a year if needed. They can also provide all the cleaning products and equipment needed. You don’t have to worry about inventory again.

If you choose, they can also restock paper products, hand soap, dish soap, etc so that you don’t have to give it a second thought. 

Wide Range of Services

Not every business operates just out of an office. Some businesses have mixed-use premises. There may be factory facilities, offices, and retail areas all on the same site!

This can present a logistical challenge. You need a cleaning crew that understands how to work safely in all these environments. You can’t have cross-contamination, yet you need to maintain high standards across the entire operation.

Industrial cleaning services are the solution. They provide a wide range of services, from general janitorial services to construction site cleaning and everything in between! They will make sure that you have a well-trained, knowledgeable cleaning team on hand, whatever type of business you’re running.

Additional Services

Most businesses need occasional cleaning services. A commercial janitorial company is well placed to provide them. This includes:

  • Power washing 
  • Pressure washing
  • Post-construction/renovation clean-up

When you already work with a commercial cleaning service, it’s easy to request these add-on services. You don’t need to make separate arrangements or start searching for another company to carry them out.

Pressure washing and power washing can keep the exterior of your building looking inviting. That’s crucial for making the right kind of impression.

Raise Standards

The cleaning and sanitizing of commercial premises have never been so important. Customers and workers need to feel safe in your office. The only way to achieve that is with high-quality commercial cleaning services. 

When you hire a team that has been protecting businesses throughout the pandemic, you know that you’re getting a crew that knows what they’re doing. They’ve been following the CDC guidelines on how to clean and disinfect commercial facilities. They understand how to safely use EPA-approved cleaning products that can eliminate the COVID-19 virus.

When you work with a professional commercial cleaning service, you’ll also notice that they take standards to the next level. They do this day in and day out. They know how to make the best use of time to clean thoroughly and efficiently.

They know which products and equipment to use in different situations and how to use them effectively. They also know how to tackle unexpected situations. 

Some of the services that a janitorial company can provide include:

  • Window washing
  • Waste removal
  • Carpet care
  • Hard-surface floor cleaning

When you work with a professional commercial cleaning service, you’re investing in your property. Through regular cleaning, you can extend the life of floor surfaces and carpets. You save money by not having to replace them as often, and it’s more sustainable for the environment!

Boost Your Business

Your clients and customers will be quick to notice if your offices are not clean. They’ll appreciate entering a building that not only looks clean but smells clean. It will encourage them to keep coming back time and time again.

You only get one chance to make that first impression. Many businesses opt for out-of-hours cleaning. This means that your premises look their best first thing in the morning.

If you have a lot of footfall during the day, commercial porter services are a great solution. They’re on duty throughout the day. This allows you to maintain high standards and keep your business an inviting place to visit.

Increase Productivity

If your office is unhygienic, it will have a big impact on staff morale. They won’t look forward to coming to work and won’t be as productive.

Even worse, with bacteria and viruses hanging around, your staff will be off sick more often. This is bad for their long-term health and affects your bottom line.

On the other hand, if your office is clean, fresh, and hygienic, staff will look forward to coming into the office. It can motivate them to perform at their best. It also helps to minimize lost productivity through sickness.

Choose Pro Cleanings for Commercial Cleaning Services

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