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Disinfecting a business door

Enter to win a “Free Disinfecting Cleaning Service” for your company, business or retail store.

Professionally disinfecting local businesses has never been more important
These are very challenging times. The global pandemic has impacted every part of our lives — from how we work, to how we’ll shop this holiday season. At ProCleanings  we understand this is a very delicate matter, and if consumers are going to visit local businesses, they want to know that those businesses have taken the necessary steps to create an environment that is safe.

ProCleanings specializes in professional disinfecting services
At ProCleanings, we’ve been providing commercial cleaning and disinfecting services since 2013. Moreover, during this global pandemic our team cleans and disinfects over 5,000,000 (yes, you read that correctly 5 Million) square feet of commercial and retail space every month. We use the very best electrostatic sprayers, and we only use EPA approved disinfectants that are powerful and non-toxic.

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We are New York City Strong (#NYCStrong)
As the global pandemic continues to spread, we understand the importance of keeping our local communities functional. That’s why ProCleanings has decided to create our #NYCStrong campaign. This campaign is designed to encourage consumers to visit and buy from local businesses that have been professionally cleaned and disinfected. As an added bonus, businesses that are professionally cleaned and disinfected can help protect your staff as well as your customers from unwanted bacteria and virus spread.

What is #NYCStrong?

  • #NYCStrong is a public service campaign designed to promote consumers safely visiting and shopping at local business
  • Every week we will provide 1 free, professional, disinfecting cleaning to a different local business in New York City
  • Our technicians will clean and disinfect your business with electrostatic sprayers and EPA approved disinfectants (our disinfectants are non-toxic, botanical based)
  • The ProCleanings team will provide a certified seal of treatment to display on site (as well as a digital logo for your website and print materials) after your service is complete
  • This professional cleaning service is completely FREE for the local business. There are no charges whatsoever
  • To enter your company into the random drawing, you can click here.

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Is #NYCStrong really 100% Free?

  • Yes, this campaign, and cleaning service are completely free.

Is #NYCStrong for any sized business?

  • Yes, this program is designed for all sized local businesses (in and around New York City). And yes this campaign will give a free cleaning each week to a different local business in New York City through the end of January 2021.”

I am a local business, how can I participate?

  • It is quick and easy to participate in the ProCleanings #NYCStrong campaign. To submit your entry simply visit the #NYCStrong entry form here.

Is there anything else I need to know?

  • This is open to all businesses in the greater New York City area
  • Winning companies will schedule the cleaning with the ProCleanings operations team
  • We can provide a certificate of insurance for the business (if needed)
  • ProCleanings reserves to right to opt-out of any cleaning at it’s own discretion
  • The ProCleanings certificate of treatment must be displayed in the place of business after the treatment is completed
  • We are able to offer this campaign for businesses that meet specific size requirements. Please request details when you contact the ProCleanings team.
  • The worksite must be in an acceptable state/condition as determined exclusively and solely by Pro Cleanings
  • The geographic area covered by this offer includes the five (5) boroughs of the City of New York. Pro Cleanings shall solely and exclusively determine the geographic area covered by this offer, beyond the five (5) boroughs