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Create a COVID-19 Office Plan That Protects Your Team and Your Office

It’s vital to create a COVID-19 office plan that protects your team and your office. A COVID-19 virus cleaning company is an important part of this plan.

Even while the COVID-19 pandemic is still sweeping the nation, you probably need to get back to business and resume a normal schedule.Before your doors can open, you’ll need to develop a plan that will protect your team, your clients, and your office so that the spread of germs is minimized.

Read on to discover ways you can develop a plan and use a COVID-19 virus cleaning company. This plan will keep your employees and your place of business safe and healthy.

Understand How the Virus Spreads

In order to effectively keep your business safe, you’ll need to know how the COVID-19 virus is spread to others. If someone has the virus, they can release tiny droplets of infected fluids whenever they cough or exhale.When infected droplets fall onto surfaces like your desk, computer keyboard, or telephone, it can easily spread to others. If someone touches their eyes, nose, or mouth after coming into contact with infected droplets, they could become infected themselves.

The concept of social distancing is also crucial since COVID-19 can spread through the air. Others can catch the virus by breathing in droplets from an infected person through talking, sneezing, or coughing. It’s crucial to ensure that everyone maintains a constant social distance of six feet or more.Older people tend to have a higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean that younger people are immune. Everyone should understand how the virus spreads so that they’re more conscious about their daily behaviors while at work.

Post a large CDC-approved sign or bulletin in common areas that will help to explain how COVID-19 is spread. Education is one of the best means of prevention when it comes to this new virus.

Promote and Encourage Frequent Hand-Washing

Everyone in your place of business should be especially vigilant when it comes to hand washing. You can strengthen this policy by placing large hand sanitizer dispensers throughout your workplace, or by giving each employee their own container of hand sanitizer they can put on their desks.

Hold regular briefings or weekly meetings that discuss how everyone can stop the spread of COVID-19. Make sure you include reminders about handwashing in your meetings to reinforce the importance of this simple act.Stock all of the bathrooms in your building with plenty of high-quality, antibacterial soap. Replace hand dryers with disposable hand towel dispensers, since the air from the dryers could spread viral droplets and cause a possible infection. It’s important to make sure that everyone at your place of business has access to areas where they can wash their hands or at least access to hand sanitizer. Post some signs in the breakroom, bathrooms, and other areas that emphasize the importance of handwashing and how to wash your hands correctly.

Stock up on Cleaning Supplies

While a professional COVID-19 virus cleaning company can help you sanitize your workplace, you should still have plenty of cleaning supplies on-hand. When you have ample supplies, you can actively clean your office in-between visits from your cleaning company.Shop for items in bulk whenever possible so that you have plenty of supplies for everyone. Not only will this reduce the number of shopping trips you need to make, but it can also save you money.

Disinfecting wipes and sprays should be available to employees at all times. Encourage them to wipe down frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, desks, countertops, phones, and keyboards. Stock up on disposable paper towels so that everyone can clean their desks and then toss the paper towels in the trash. You should also purchase disposable masks if you’re able to do so. Encourage everyone to bring their own masks to work, but have plenty of disposables on-hand in case someone forgets theirs.

Purchase large containers of hand sanitizer or multi-packs of smaller bottles. Other supplies you should stock up on include toilet paper, disposable gloves, and anti-bacterial hand soap. If you can’t find some of these items in bulk locally, consider shopping at an industrial supply store. The more you stock up, the more peace of mind you’ll have knowing that everyone has what they need to stay safe.

Revisit and Revise Your Company Policy

COVID-19 is changing the way that many companies do business. If you’re concerned about the virus getting into your office, there are a few simple things you can do to mitigate the danger. First, arrange for business meetings to be virtual instead of in-person. Download a software program like Zoom where you can see clients’ faces and talk to them remotely. This will prevent people from coming into the office and possibly spreading or contracting the virus.

Now is also the time to revamp your company travel policy. You may need to put a temporary stop to business travel until the virus is better under control.

Place arrows on the floors in your building to remind people to walk in one direction. Walking past people in the opposite direction could cause viral droplets to be passed from one person to another. Consult with your human resources department and discuss new sick policies. For example, if someone has a fever or is feeling unwell, it’s vital that they stay at home. If employees experience any symptoms of COVID-19, they should be tested before returning to work.

If you’re able (and willing) to allow employees to work from home, try to encourage as many people as possible to do so. Place all desks and tables at least six feet apart, and install barriers in front of desks or retail counters to help prevent the spread of the virus. Stay up to to date on all of your local, state, and federal updates and mandates regarding COVID-19. This will ensure that you’re following the law and that you’re doing everything possible to keep everyone safe. Failing to follow mandates could result in hefty fines.

You can develop a thorough COVID-19 policy that’s easy to follow and understand. Distribute this policy to everyone in your company and hold an official meeting to field any questions or concerns.  Post signs at your business entryway or on the front windows notifying people that masks are required. Do not allow anyone to enter your building if they’re not wearing a mask. If possible, have plenty of masks available so you can give one to people who may not have one.

Hire a COVID-19 Virus Cleaning Company

While all of these things should be part of an overall strategy to protect your business from COVID-19, you’ll still need the help of a COVID-19 virus cleaning company. These companies have access to cleaning products that are highly effective at killing the virus. They also have strategies and techniques that ensure every part of your business is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the proper way.

The cleaning company you hire should thoroughly clean all surfaces to help eliminate germs and bacteria that could cause illness. All products should be CDC-approved and EPA-registered. These products use industrial-strength ingredients that will kill viruses on contact.

Cleaning crews should wear PPE (personal protective equipment) to keep themselves and your team safe. Ideally, try to schedule your cleanings after hours so there are fewer people inside the building. If your business is closed on a specific day of the week, that day is also a good time to schedule cleanings. Highly skilled and trained cleaning professionals use specific techniques and tools to apply a strong disinfectant throughout your office. This includes the carpets, upholstered furniture, and of course, all areas and surfaces that are frequently touched by human hands.

There are plenty of benefits to using this service, including giving you and your team some peace of mind. When you hire a professional COVID-19 virus cleaning company, you can direct your focus on business operations and let them handle the rest.

Wiping things down yourself and encouraging handwashing is important, but the pros will ensure that everything is cleaned as thoroughly as possible. Let the experts handle the deep cleaning and disinfecting so you can be sure that your workplace is safe and sanitized.

Stay Safe with Cleaning Services

All businesses should have an active and effective COVID-19 office plan in place to ensure the safety of your employees, customers, and clients. With the help of a professional COVID-19 virus cleaning company, you’ll have the knowledge that your workplace is safe and sanitary. Stay up to date with the latest recommendations from the CDC as well as your local jurisdiction in case there are changes. Be ready and willing to revamp your plan as needed as things change so you’re always on top of the best practices.

If you’re interested in our services and how we can help protect your business from COVID-19, visit our website or contact us today to learn more.