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Why Power Washing is the Best Way to Clean Your Commercial Property

In general, you should be looking to power wash the outside of your building, including the sidewalk, once every year. If you have not done this in a long time, you may be being recommended to start. But do you understand why and what benefits hiring a power washing company would get you?

It comes down to so much more than “it looks clean”. By the end of this article, you should get a good understanding of what commercial power washing companies can do for you. So read on and discover what the purpose of a power washing service is.

What is Power Washing?

You may already have heard of pressure washing. This is the use of very high-pressure steam or water to scrub away dirt and grime from surfaces. It is very fast and you can often see results from the process straight away.

It is so popular, there are even entire videogames built around the concept because of how satisfying it is to watch a person clean a surface so fast.

Power washing is a type of pressure washing. It is when a device heats the pressured steam or water. This makes it a superior choice for removing materials that might be especially tough to remove from surfaces, such as chewing gum or grease.

Better “Curb Appeal”

One of the main ways to market your company to people traveling past is via “curb appeal”. The simple way to describe this concept would be how nice your company looks to the layperson as they walk past your place of business.

If you have a dirty-looking office, you may well turn people away who might otherwise have had an interest in what you provide. Your business might even lose any classy appeal it has if you find your walls and windows caked in grime.

By investing in a local power washing company, you can ensure your business keeps its appeal and remains a good business investment.

Fewer Injuries

Some companies look into professional cleaning themselves. They do not engage engaging with a commercial power washing company.

Many of these companies come out of their investigation with the same conclusion. It is much safer for their employees if they hire a dedicated power washing service instead of doing it yourself.

power washing service has both the experience and training in handling power washing equipment. This is even without mentioning the kinds of chemicals that professional companies use. It can cost a lot to make sure you store, use, and properly dispose of them.

Most power washing companies are also insured to perform their services in case of accidents. They know how to assess possible dangers in a location or that can occur due to power washing mishaps and respond in the right way. Expert power washers will also have the training to ensure the risk of any potential accident is minimal.

Fewer Maintenance Costs

If you ensure that the area around your building receives cleaning regularly, you will not have to spend more to clean it when you do. Instead of having a very large bill later down the road, instead, get a power washing company to do smaller jobs more often. You are likely to find it is much cheaper in the long run.

Fewer Repairs

If you leave dirt, grease, and other detritus around your building, you are likely to need to make more repairs. These pollutants can react with the chemicals in paint, wood, and other parts of your building. This can cause cracks or other forms of wear to happen to your building.

Power washing removes these pollutants before they can cause a larger problem for you in the long run. You will not need to replace paint or repair cracks in your flooring. You can also avoid needing to knock down and rebuild walls that have weathered because of chemicals in the air that have settled.

Healthy Clients and Staff

Dirt can bring with it other forms of life. These mildews and molds can start to grow all over your premises, causing health issues for your staff. Molds can trigger respiratory issues such as asthma, and mildews can create toxins that are otherwise harmful to people.

Power washing companies can inspect your property and determine what kind of things are growing on your premises. They can then use the correct type of chemicals to not only clean the area but make sure nothing survives to grow back. 

Low Costs

The bottom line of power washing services is that they are often cheaper compared to other, comparative options. No hand-washing service will be able to give you that same level of deep clean in as short a time, for as little money as a commercial power washing group.

A licensed power washer may also be able to give discounts over time. This is especially true if you negotiate for a long-term contract for repeated cleaning.

Save Time

If you use your own team to wash your premises, it may take all day, or even all week, to clean every area. Because of this, your employees may cut corners and do a half-finished job without any profit to show for it.

A professional power washing company will make the best use of their equipment to work as fast as possible. Most cleaning will end in less than a day, and your employees will be able to complete the work while the company cleans.

What Power Washing Company to Go With?

Now you should understand some of the commercial power washing benefits you might gain from hiring a power washing company. If you still have questions, do not worry. You can always question us on our process and availability, as well as what we can do for you.

Our services are available all over New York City, so do not wait if you need to see some of those benefits first-hand. You only need to give us a call.