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The Importance of Professional Office Cleaning for Business Success

Have recent performance metrics revealed a dip in productivity?

There’s a good chance your employees are suffering from increased workplace stress. A study from National Library of Medicine found that higher stress scores were strongly linked to drops in productivity. Participants had much lower job satisfaction rates, more workplace conflicts, and increased burnout.

The first step is to recognize that your workplace has a wellness problem. There are several ways to address this issue, just as long as you include a vital constant variable—commercial office cleaning.

Another study from Harvard Business Review found that viewing clutter zaps your brain energy. Thus, keeping a clean office boosts information processing. This benefit improves time management which cuts down on stress.

These benefits are just the start. Discover even more reasons to hire an office cleaning company.

Improve Your Business Reputation (With Employees and Clients)

Ask yourself this question: what type of impression does a dirty office leave you?

If clutter affects employees’ well-being, it’s common sense that clients and customers will also be negatively impacted by a messy office. Similar to your employees, you want your clients to focus and not be distracted.

For example, if you manage a retail store, your customers’ eyes need places to rest. Proper spacing between products reduces frustration, helping them make informed decisions. In turn, you’re better able to increase sales averages.

Suppose you run a tech startup and want to land big customer accounts. How can you do this when potential clients are distracted by dirty windows, grimy carpets, and cluttered desks? It prevents clients from taking your business seriously.

Worse yet, your messy office could land you a bad review on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Even worse, customers can take pictures of your disaster zone and upload them to these sites, further damaging your company’s reputation.

Thus, investing in commercial cleaning goes a long way, especially in this digital age.

Save Money With Less Sick Days

Are your employees calling out sick more than usual?

It’s time to take a look at your company’s cleaning protocol.

Not only does a clean office improve productivity and customer relationships, but it also improves physical well-being.

For example, commercial cleaning reduces indoor air pollution.

Such contaminants increase the following risks:

  • Respiratory issues (coughing, breathing problems, etc.)
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Irritability
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

Regular dusting reduces the number of allergens on surfaces and in the air. A clean HVAC system is vital, as well. Dirty AC air filters blow out dust, dirt, and debris into the air.

A clean heating and cooling system help regulate indoor air quality. Your AC has dehumidifying features that prevent moisture buildup. These features prevent hazardous mold from growing in your workplace.

Black mold increases the risk of aforementioned health problems, including respiratory issues. Mold is also an eyesore for employees and customers. You don’t want pictures of this stuff popping up on your Google reviews page.

Mold also speaks to the importance of investing in commercial bathroom cleaning.

Moisture builds up quickly in bathrooms. It’s important to invest in regular cleaning. This includes cleaning drains, toilets, and grout.

You also need a good ventilation system to prevent mold; this also includes opening windows whenever possible.

These benefits lead to fewer sick day callouts. This helps you improve workplace wellness while also saving money on workers comp and profit loss due to labor shortages.

Attract Talent to Your Company

Do you want to attract more 5-star talent to your business and retain your best employees?

A clean office is critical to employer marketing. This type of marketing is designed to sell your company to the best and brightest in your industry.

One of the biggest selling points in an employer marketing strategy is company culture. It’s paramount to mental (and physical) wellness. You can’t have a healthy company culture without a clean office.

Employer marketing strategies need professional office photos and videos to promote companies on websites, social media, and other media channels. Thus, you need clean desks, floors, windows, walls, and breakrooms. Clean and inviting breakrooms are huge selling points since rest and relaxation are vital to innovation.

Don’t forget about the company grounds, either!

Well-kept courtyards, entrances, lawns, and building facades are essential to first impressions.

Discover More Office Storage Space

Are you struggling with office storage?

You may not be lacking in as much space as you think.

A professional cleaning can make a world of difference for storage needs.

First, a commercial office cleaning professional will remove all trash from the office. Next, they’ll declutter the space, helping you separate unwanted items from the bunch. Once you remove unwanted objects, you’ll have more free space to install file cabinets, storage lockers, and shelves.

Commercial cleaning can help you uncover broken desks, fixtures, and computers taking up too much space in your office.

Are your storage closets filled to the brim with obsolete office technology, broken printers, and old computer monitors?

A professional janitorial company can help you remove broken equipment, creating room for the necessities you actually need.

In fact, you’ll find that investing in commercial cleaning will help you preserve the condition of desks, cabinets, computers, copy machines, and more equipment. Less clutter means fewer tumbles; you also worry less about objects falling on top of each other.

Improve Overall Workplace Safety With Commercial Office Cleaning

The above points speak to the importance of workplace safety, as well.

Messy offices increase the risk of slips, falls, bumps, bruises, and broken bones. Whenever these hazards occur, you’re responsible for compensating employees for their treatment and recovery; this process is called worker’s compensation.

Worker’s compensation policies cost money. Thus, it’s vital to prevent as many hazardous situations as possible.

OSHA standards mandate that companies maintain clean offices to improve safety. For example, these protocols also require businesses to keep circuit box areas free from clutter. Commercial cleaning isn’t just helpful, it’s also critical for avoiding OSHA fines and penalties.

Work With an Office Cleaning Company You Can Trust

Don’t get saddled with the cost of a messy office. Avoid penalties, improve employee morale, and attract more business with a clean, healthy office.

Remember these benefits as you rethink your approach to commercial office cleaning.

Procleanings wants to help keep your office looking its best. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote to get started.