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Electrostatic Sprayers: What are they, and why are they the Best for Sanitizing Almost Any Surface?

What if there was a cleaning revolution and you didn’t even know it?

Electrostatic sprayers have been a real game-changer for professional cleaners all over the world. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t know what electrostatic cleaning is, much less what it can do for their workplace.

Wondering what electrostatic disinfection can do for your own office? Keep reading to discover the answers!

What Is Electrostatic Cleaning?

Our guide is going to review why electrostatic cleaning is the future of cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. First, though, we need to answer the obvious question: what is electrostatic cleaning, anyway?

Basically, this form of cleaning involves spraying a surface with electrically charged particles. Expert professional cleaners use electrostatic sprayers to make sure the target surface receives an even coat of these particles.

Obviously, this is very different from traditional cleaning methods that involve spraying surfaces with various chemicals and then wiping those surfaces down. Electrostatic cleaning offers a way to get the same surfaces cleaner in a safer and more efficient way.

What Is an Electrostatic Sprayer?

Earlier, we mentioned that electrostatic disinfection requires the use of electrostatic sprayers. But what are these sprayers?

The first time you see one of these sprayers, you may not think it’s very special. That’s because most models look exactly like the kind of spray guns you have seen cleaners use for decades now.

The real magic of these sprayers is on the inside. Each sprayer has been specially designed to store and distribute electrostatic particles on demand. While most of these sprayers look like traditional spray guns, some cleaners prefer backpack sprayer designs that help them tackle even larger jobs.

What Is Electrostatic Disinfection?

Unless you’re old high school science textbooks are still kicking around your house, the idea of electrostatic disinfection may seem kind of weird. Why do these particles help clean surfaces? And does electrostatic disinfection actually work as advertised?

The way it works is thanks to the electrostatic sprayer design. These sprayers use an electrostatic applicator that helps give particles a negative charge as soon as they emerge. 

This is important because each droplet that comes out will be repelled by other droplets. And this causes each droplet to seek out neutral surfaces–in other words, the target surface you want to disinfect.

In no time at all, the entire surface is disinfected.

The Secret to Electrostatic Disinfecting Cleaning

At this point, you might still be skeptical about electrostatic disinfection. While the science is interesting, the actual cleaning process still involves spraying down surfaces with wet droplets. So why use an electrostatic sprayer when you can simply use more traditional methods?

The short answer is that an electrostatic cleaning machine can cover the entire surface more thoroughly and more efficiently than a traditional spray gun. And it all goes back to the science we touched on earlier.

Remember, these charged droplets repel away from each other and try to find a neutral surface. Because of this, cleaners can cover an entire surface (including sides and hard-to-reach areas) because droplets will move towards uncovered areas instead of piling on top of each other.

Nothing keeps you or a cleaner from spraying and cleaning the old-fashioned way. But if you do so, it’s a sure bet that you’re going to miss certain areas, and that means the target surface is still a health risk for you and your workers. 

How Long Will The Surface Be Clean?

When it comes to professional cleaning, most people aren’t worried about the immediate future. They trust that the surfaces will be clean and disinfected for a period of time. But the big question is exactly how long that surface will remain clean and disinfected.

The short answer is that the surfaces stay clean and disinfected until they are touched again. Many traditional forms of cleaning will try to leave a protective barrier that eventually breaks down even if the surface is undisturbed. But that same surface will be clean and disinfected indefinitely after an electrostatic cleaning session.

That makes this a perfect solution for disinfecting areas that you won’t be using for a while. You can rest assured the area will still be clean once you begin to use it again. And by scheduling regular cleaning sessions in areas like work offices and breakrooms, you can keep the entire workplace clean and healthy from month to month.

The Biggest Benefits of Electrostatic Cleaning

We’ve covered some of the benefits of electrostatic cleaning. But it’s not the only way you or your cleaners can cleanse and disinfect surfaces. So let’s cut to the chase: why should you rely on electrostatic cleaning instead of more traditional methods?

First, this form of cleaning is completely touch-free. After the scare of the COVID-19 pandemic, many office managers prefer a no-contact cleaning solution.

Second, this method is efficient. Traditional cleaning methods always run the risk of the cleaner using too many chemicals. Thanks to the science of electrostatic cleaning, it doesn’t take much cleaning solution to cover an entire surface.

The third benefit is related to the second. Electrostatic cleaning is also efficient in terms of time. Whether it’s you or a professional cleaner you have hired, everyone wins when the job is done in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

The fourth benefit is one we covered earlier: this method is guaranteed to clean and disinfect more surfaces than traditional methods. Why settle for methods that don’t really get the job done?

Finally, electrostatic cleaning done right can kill the viruses that cause COVID-19. And this is important if you wish to protect the health and livelihood of everyone who works in your office.

What’s Next?

Now you know what electrostatic cleaning is. But do you know who can bring this level of cleaning and disinfecting to your own office?

We specialize in professionally cleaning offices and commercial spaces and generally keeping your community safe. To see what we can do to protect the health of you and your employees, contact us today!