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Electrostatic Sprayers Are Game-Changers in the Pandemic Let’s Explain How

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on numerous industries, businesses, and properties. The cattle industry is the latest to suffer a mind-boggling hit. In fact, the total economic impact of the pandemic on the beef industry is expected to reach over $13 billion.

That’s just one of several industries that have been severely impacted by the pandemic. All these industries have had to introduce new forms of cleaning and disinfectant systems to remain operational.

One particular solution to make combating COVID-19 easier is the electrostatic sprayer.

This advanced technology can help increase your efficiency, save you time, and make your operation more silent. Keep reading below about what exactly an electrostatic sprayer is and why it’s so beneficial to have right now.

What is an Electrostatic Sprayer?

An electrostatic sprayer is a handheld device that uses an electrical current to charge particles in the solution. This allows for an even application on all surfaces.

The electrostatic force creates a stronger bond between the charged particle and the surface that it’s being applied to. As a result, there is less product waste and overspray.

Electrostatic sprayers also come with different nozzle options that can create either a wide or narrow spray pattern. This gives you more control over how much product is being used and where it’s being applied at any given time.

Now that you know what exactly these sprayers are, why should you be using them to combat COVID-19 specifically?

Why are Electrostatic Spray Disinfectant Systems the Best Choice For COVID Cleaning?

If you’re looking for a way to keep your business clean and disinfected during the COVID-19 pandemic, an electrostatic sprayer is a perfect solution.

For starters, electrostatic spraying is one of the most efficient ways to clean and disinfect large areas. It’s also perfect for hard-to-reach places. This means that using these sprayers ensures an entire surface is fully disinfected.

Using a normal spray system can mean that you miss certain areas of a surface, such as cracks in a wall or dips on a shelf. 

These can then hold bacteria that, if contacted, could pass illnesses to people including COVID-19.

These electrostatic sprayers are so impressive that they can actually wrap around certain complex surfacers.

Technically, this is what’s known as a sprayer’s deposition rate. But a sprayer doesn’t just need to reach a large portion of a surface to have a good deposition rate, it needs to do so for a certain period of time.

This contact time ensures that the virus is fully disinfected from a surface.

The solution is quickly and evenly distributed, meaning there’s also no risk of over-exposure. All of these features add up to ensure that these sprayers are the best choice to clean COVID-19 from surfaces right now.

There are also other benefits of electrostatic disinfectant sprayers that need to be considered.

What Other Benefits Do Electrostatic Sprayers Have?

Electrostatic sprayers are also safe and easy to use. And because the sprayer uses an electrical current, there’s no need for a flame or heat source.

This makes them a simple, effective combative measure in the pandemic.

It’s also important to note that electrostatic sprayers can also save you both time and money.

They’re fast and easy to use, so you’ll be able to get any cleaning job done quickly. And because they’re so efficient, you’ll use less product overall.

Electrostatic sprayers are also much quieter than other types of cleaning equipment. This can be a lifesaver for your neighbors, particularly if you’re cleaning the exterior of a building.

With that in mind, we’d still recommend that you contact an experienced cleaning company to help you combat COVID-19. There are a number of reasons for this.

Why Should You Contact a Cleaning Company to Combat COVID-19?

Electrostatic spraying is an efficient way to cleanse an area from harmful bacteria and viruses like COVID-19. However, it’s not the only method that should be used in your fight against the pandemic.

It’s vital that you contact professional cleaners to help do the job for you. This is the case for any business premises you own, regardless of your business model.

It’s also particularly important for unique locations like daycare centers. But why should you opt for professionals?

For starters, professional cleaning services can guarantee a job well done. They’ll use advanced tools like electrostatic sprayers when required to fully clean any location.

Experienced cleaners will also always go the extra mile. Plus, they’ll be able to do a better job than you would yourself far quicker than you’d have achieved it.

This means cleaning goes far quicker overall. You can also trust professional cleaners to clean a particular property regularly.

Regularly cleaning your office or other property is the only way to keep protected against COVID. It’s no good simply renting an electrostatic sprayer for an afternoon and then calling it a day.

Your property needs frequent care and attention to remain safe as the pandemic continues. It’s advisable that you deep clean the property once a week if you can, to keep you and your family protected.

Finally, cleaners have now been working through over two years of the coronavirus pandemic. They know how to clean surfaces properly, and how to prevent the disease from spreading further.

Where Can I Find Out More About Electrostatic Sprayers and COVID Cleaning?

You should now know why electrostatic sprayers are the best choice for COVID cleaning right now. You should also know why it’s preferable to contact an experienced team of cleaners to keep your business safe.

At ProCleanings, we manage a talented team of commercial cleaning professionals. We know exactly how to eradicate COVID from your commercial property and can clean properties regularly for business owners who need it most.

To schedule a clean, or to find out more, make sure to contact us directly