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Professional Disinfecting Services in New York

The New Normal – Professional Disinfecting Services for Businesses

As businesses slowly start reopening in the wake of COVID-19, many are left wondering how to keep their employees and customers safe from future infections. Professional disinfecting will need to become a part of our new normal if we want to stay safe and healthy. Read on to learn more about why this service is important and what it will look like for your business.

Regular Professional Disinfecting

Even with your staff disinfecting surfaces throughout the workday, items are going to get missed. Someone may forget to wipe down the faucets in the bathroom or miss a spot on the break room table. A professional disinfecting service will be trained to make sure your building is virus-free. They can use safe and effective disinfecting methods. They will also take care of potential infection spots that you and your staff may never have thought of. These teams will have the tools and training to keep themselves safe during the disinfection process.

How Often an Office Should Be Disinfected

The question of how often your building should be disinfected will depend on a few factors. Your business may be able to take maximum precautions (everyone wears a mask over their nose and mouth at all times, all staff wash their hands with soap and water regularly, everyone maintains social distancing). If this is the case, weekly disinfections should be sufficient.

But some businesses, especially those open to the public, may be at much higher risk. If you have a lot of people moving through your building on a daily basis, limited or poor mask use, or inadequate social distancing, you’ll need to disinfect more often. Daily disinfection would be ideal.

What Disinfecting Services Look Like

When you hire a disinfecting team, they will begin by removing any trash that may harbor virus particles. This includes scraps of paper, paper dishes and other regular garbage. Disinfecting crews will then begin wiping down every surface in your building with disinfectant spray. This will include tables and counters, desks, chair legs, handrails, shelves, doors, windows, keyboards, floors and more. They may also use special disinfectants and probiotic sprays that will help slow virus accumulation.

Different Recommendations for Different Industries

The CDC has issued different disinfection recommendations for different industries. For instance, businesses that host customers overnight need to work to isolate ill people. Special disinfecting measures will also need to be taken in any areas the sick person visited. If your business does not house people overnight, standard disinfection procedures should be fine. If someone in your building is confirmed to have COVID-19, it’s important that you immediately shut down the areas where they were. Wait 24 hours and then have the area fully disinfected.

The pandemic has turned our world upside down and transformed how we approach nearly every part of our lives. Our new normal is going to look very different. Routine professional disinfecting will be an essential safety precaution for businesses. If you’d like to get your business disinfected, get in touch with us! We can provide full COVID-19 disinfection services, as well as routine cleaning services.