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Role of Cleaning Companies for Offices in Stop the Spread of Illness

When dozens of people share a single office space, it isn’t enough to use the same cleaning tactics as in your little apartment or home. Commercial buildings require an expert touch when it comes to cleaning surfaces and spaces. 

This becomes even more essential when the danger of viruses and other diseases abounds. We recommend hiring cleaning companies for offices as the primary offensive action against the spread of illness among employees.

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Entryway Doorknobs and Other Touchpoints

Think about how many hundreds of times an entryway doorknob or handle is touched in a day, especially in a busy office building with lots of incoming and outgoing traffic. Every time someone touches these high touchpoint surfaces, they transfer germs and bacteria from their hands over to the surface. 

And then they get transmitted to everyone else who might touch the handle after them. Of course, professional cleaning won’t take care of all these issues. Some of it will have to be done at the point of transfer, by having hand sanitizer available at the entryway and other high-traffic locations. 

Signs indicating good handwashing habits are a good idea as well. 

But, it’s also important to have a professional cleaning company come in and deep clean and disinfect all these high touchpoint surfaces at least once or twice a week. This way, the spread of germs, microbes, and viruses will be quelled. 

Cleaning all these surfaces will also reduce allergens in the air and improve air quality. You can assist these efforts by adding an air purifier to your HVAC system.

Elevator Buttons and Escalator Handles

These are two surfaces that folks will touch without thinking twice about it. That is, pressing the call button for an elevator or the button for their floor, and then touching escalator handles to keep them steady on their way. 

Again, the more people touch surfaces like this, the more dangerous it is. The spread of illness becomes so easy that it’s hard to control it at that point. 

Most folks don’t think about cleaning surfaces like these, but a professional cleaning company wouldn’t miss it. That’s probably one of the first surfaces that they would pay attention to since they know all about which surfaces are the dirtiest. 

All Surfaces That Could Become Smudged Like Mirrors

Do you sit next to a window in your office and get annoyed because you can’t see through the window due to the smudging and grime? Or perhaps the mirrors in the bathroom or around the building are dirty? 

These kinds of surfaces get grimy quite easily. A light touch by someone. and they are already laden with fingerprints and grease marks. 

You might not have time in your office to take care of cleaning these surfaces often, but a professional cleaning company with a team of experts will come in and do it well and easily. 

It’s not just an aesthetic issue, though. Every time someone touches their head or face or hands to these surfaces, they leave germs behind, which could be transmitted to someone else down the line. 

Meeting Rooms

If you have conference rooms or meeting rooms that are always filled with employees doing their thing, they are probably quite trashed by the end of the day. Not only will there be litter strewn about, but if your employees eat lunch while having meetings, then there will be crumbs and food droppings everywhere. 

These can attract mice, insects, bugs, and other such unwanted creatures into your meeting rooms, if not cleaned up properly. 

All the surfaces in the meeting rooms will be touched dozens of times a day by many different folks and must be cleaned to ensure they are not loaded with germs.

Kitchens or Any Cafeteria Spaces

There’s no need to even say anything about these oft-visited and high-traffic areas. Employees probably visit the kitchen several times a day to get coffee or tea, eat lunch, or just hang out with colleagues and catch up on gossip. 

That’s why it’s important to clean these spaces so they aren’t littered with garbage or dirty with crumbs and other such debris. This can attract pests and mice, so it’s better to clean it using professional services at least once a week, if not more often. 


It’s a given that restrooms, especially in office buildings with lots of employees, should be cleaned quite often. Some commercial buildings get their restrooms cleaned 4-5 times a day. Otherwise, they can be absolutely filthy. 

You want to make sure that there is adequate soap and other hand sanitizing and toilet seat sanitizing materials in the restroom. Also, have signs indicating the importance of hand washing after each restroom visit.  

This will ensure your restrooms don’t become a conduit for disease and germs to spread, getting your employees ill.

Office Desks, Handsets, and Keyboards

You might have heard that your smartphone is probably ten times dirtier than a toilet. This is because you pick it up dozens of times a day, and don’t clean it that often.

This applies to office desks, handsets, and keyboards as well. All these surfaces should be disinfected regularly, but you can’t rely on your employees to do this themselves. They will probably forget. 

So that’s why hiring a professional cleaning company who comes in and disinfects all these surfaces is so necessary. 

Cleaning Companies for Offices – Hire One Today

It’s time to start paying better attention to the state. of your office building, no matter if you are a facility manager, business owner, or property management company. Hire cleaning companies for offices because they are experts in knowing exactly how to get a high-traffic zone clean, disinfected, and reduce workplace illness. 

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