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Differences Between Commercial Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services

What if your business was secretly a threat to everyone who steps inside?

Recent years have taught us about the importance of commercial office cleaning. Professional cleaners can help sanitize your workspace and make it safer and more hygienic for employees and customers alike. But without commercial office cleaning services, simply setting foot in your office could put others at risk.Even if you are committed to hiring professional cleaners, though, you may be confused about the difference between commercial cleaning and janitorial services. Keep reading to discover what these differences are and to make the best choice for you and your business.

What Is Commercial Office Cleaning?

In our guide, we are going to compare commercial office cleaning and janitorial services. Before you can understand the pros and cons of each, though, it’s important for us to define what these terms mean, starting with commercial services.

Generally speaking, commercial cleaning services specialize in more complex tasks that janitors usually cannot (or will not) handle. For example, you need commercial cleaners to do things like cleaning carpets and windows. And commercial cleaners have access to better chemicals and professional-grade equipment to help disinfect and sanitize workplace offices, including deep cleaning when needed. Now that you know more about what commercial cleaners do, let’s shine a spotlight on janitorial services.

What Are Janitorial Services?

For the most part, janitorial services focus on simpler cleaning tasks. This includes things like sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, and generally cleaning things up when there is a mess or spill. Another key difference is that janitors are usually full-time employees who work onsite. This helps the staff to clean up before and after work shifts and also to clean up any unexpected messes. By contrast, commercial cleaning services usually come in one per month (or more as needed) to take care of the cleaning needs that the janitors are not equipped to handle.

Now that you know more about what both commercial office cleaning and janitorial services are, let’s take a look at the unique pros and cons of each cleaning service.

Pros of Commercial Cleaning

We already covered one of the biggest benefits of commercial office cleaning, and that is the ability to complete more complex cleaning tasks. If you need to clean carpets, curtains, and windows, you need commercial cleaning services.

Additionally, these commercial services are the best way to disinfect common areas and to deep clean offices. This is more important than ever because the COVID-19 pandemic underscored how easy it is for one person to infect another, especially if the work environment is not clean and sanitized to begin with.

Finally, you can hire commercial cleaning services on an “as needed” basis. Rather than paying someone a full salary and benefits, you can afford to call these cleaners in as needed, giving you a cleaner workspace at a fraction of the price.

Cons of Commercial Cleaning

Relatively speaking, there are few drawbacks to hiring professional cleaners. But there are still some “cons” you should be aware of before hiring anyone.

As we discussed before, there is not that much overlap in what commercial office cleaners and professional janitors do. While that underscores the need to use both services from time to time, it also serves as a reminder that commercial cleaners cannot replace your existing janitorial services. Additionally, some commercial cleaners focus primarily on larger offices and will be less equipped to clean small businesses. But the right cleaner can help businesses of any size to stay clean and sanitized all year round.

Pros of Janitorial Services

The pros of janitorial services are fairly clear. Having a janitor (or entire staff) on-site while you are at work means that you will always have clean work surfaces, which is why janitors were essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. And believe it or not, having a cleaner area to work really will make your employees happier and more productive.

And as we have noted, janitors are always on standby for emergencies. If there is a sudden spill or other accident, a janitorial staff can help clean things up before anyone gets hurt (this is important because workplace injuries may put you at risk of litigation from employees and customers that get injured).

Cons of Janitorial Services

Janitorial services are an important part of everyday business for countless companies. Nonetheless, there are some drawbacks to janitorial services you should be aware of. Arguably, the biggest drawback is that most janitors only work as full-time employees. This means it may be difficult for startups and smaller businesses to benefit from hiring a janitor.

And while janitors are good in an emergency, actual emergencies are few and far between. To be perfectly blunt, you may discover that you are paying a janitorial staff good money to spend most of their days doing very little. Finally, there are hard limits to the cleaning services most janitors can perform. This means that even if you have a solid janitorial staff, you will need to hire commercial office cleaning services for certain challenges.

Which Cleaning Service Do You Need?

Now we come to the moment of truth: which cleaning service does your business actually need? For businesses that can afford it, hiring both types of cleaning services may be advisable. This allows janitors to take care of day-to-day messes while allowing commercial cleaners to offer the hygiene and sanitation services your office really needs.

If your business is too small to have a full-time janitorial staff, though, we recommend hiring commercial office cleaners. These services are much more affordable than full-time janitorial services, and they offer services that can keep your employees healthy and productive!

Your Next Move

Now you know more about why it’s so important to hire commercial office cleaning services. But do you know where to find the professional cleaners you’ve been looking for? Here at ProCleanings, we specialize in cleaning carpets, windows, office sanitization, and so much more. To see what we can do for your business, just contact us today!