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Welcome to the ProCleanings Social Media Employee Confluence! Where you can utilize your own personal social media platforms to promote our great company with your experiences and personality. With your participation you can win weekly and/or monthly prizes to accompany your creativeness online as part of the ProCleanings family! We are so excited to launch this effort and hope that each and every employee enjoys “being an influencer”!! Good Luck!

Contest Prize

Enter our Contest for a chance to win $150

Contest Rules

1. Upload a photo
2. Add a caption
3. share it to your friend to give votes
4. get points for the most (all things social)


  • Be Creative
  • Happiness is key!
  • Have Attention Grabbers
  • Use good hashtags I.e #FYP
    #DONTLETTHISFLOP #VIRAL Utilize hashtags relative to image/post/video Stay relative (post often)


  • Have an MTA signs in your images when taking images on the job
  • Post videos that are too long (over 30 seconds)
  • Post anything distasteful/negative
  • Post content of other people that aren’t involved specifically in any video
  • When posting videos on any platform No explicit music can be used as a backdrop